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With MegaBig,Now there is no need to think about disks or flashcards. There is no problem to send files of any size.


MegaBig Makes File Sharing , File Upload And Free Download Simple And Easily!

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No Speed Limits

Download and send large files without speed limits. Upload large files at the fastest speed achievable by your internet provider.


Simple and Secure Sharing

Forget email attachments because file sharing with co-workers is fast and simple. Set access permissions to any folder you share – read, create, modify, delete. Send large files or share pdf, ppt, word and excel files from any device.


Why Choose MegaBig!

MegaBig offers you free unlimited storage space for all your media. We want to simplify the handling of your data for you. Our security standards ensure best possible security and confidentiality. Only you have access to your data and your MegaBig hard disk. We make sure that your data are available at any time.